A team of experienced professionals who know how to combine innovation and production in the best execution standards

Hurence guide customers from innovation to production. With nearly half of French Fortune 40 companies as customers and a growing number of small and medium-sized businesses who are keen to adopt Big Data as part of their digital transition, Hurence is a recognized “pure player” in the Big Data and AI space.

Classically Hurence will help at:

The sizing, installation, security, supervision, maintenance and migration of Big Data infrastructures regardless of the chosen distributions and the chosen deployment environments (cloud, on-premises or hybrid).

The development of custom advanced architectures and business solutions (use cases) on Big Data clusters. A first use case is indeed the design of an Enterprise Data Lake. For industries the typical use case is the implementation of real-time supervision of the factories and their production. Hurence is renowned for its real-time solutions in large volume contexts.

Hurence is agnostic about the choice of technologies and Big Data distributions but is passionate about technologies like Kubernetes, Spark, Kafka, Presto, Elasticsearch, TensorFlow, PyTorch and many others. Hurence is also specialized in their implementation in the Cloud: Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Computing. Finally Hurence publishes its own open source accelerator solutions, results of years of deployments of the same cases of use.

Hurence consulting is always done in a spirit of transfer of skills. To do this, accompanied clients access training at a preferential rate.