Custom Big Data Developments

Big Data infrastructure and Data Lake investments need more than others to find a clear ROI (return on investment). For this to be the case, it is necessary to be guided by a specialized company which will be able to advise according to the culture of the company, its job, its immediate needs. An exciting Big Data journey can then start towards developments with strong ROI.

There is no “magic” in Big Data and the artificial intelligence we can build with it. It is not enough to put data in a Data Lake to make informed decisions about your business, predict your future. Big Data and AI technologies are powerful and sophisticated, but you have to program them with specialists who will also know how to transfer skills and go pragmatically towards what gives immediate value at reasonable cost.

But the good news is that these technologies are within the reach of all budgets in an excellence worthy of major players in the digital industry, when accompanied by Hurence.

Thanks to Big Data, our customers have been able to detect additional sales opportunities, detect customers with whom they were losing ground, and by simple commercial actions, bring in the corresponding revenue fully and largely justifying the growing Big Data budget, year after year. They were able to capitalize on the open source Web Analytics offer to equip their websites with advanced e-commerce solutions.

Other customers were able to equip themselves with advanced factory supervision and an intelligence on the detection of anomalies or defects, the anticipation of breakdowns. By capitalizing on the Industry 4.0 offer, they are agnostic about the supervision tools and no longer depend on the equipment manufacturers.