Designing Big Data Infrastructures

Hurence designs on-premises, cloud or hybrid infrastructures for all types of uses

Support in Data Lakes architecture of small and large companies and in the choice of deployments: on premises, in a public cloud of the Azure type, Google, Amazon, or with a hybrid approach.

Help with technology choices in Big Data, Data Science, IA, IoT, Blockchains: all companies are not the same, do not have the same culture, the same budgets. Hurence will know how to ensure, by using standards, performance, low costs and independence. Bringing the best of Big Data in all companies including SMEs, is our DNA.

Help with the sizing of resources (CPUs, GPUs, RAM, network, storage), installation, configuration, optimization of selected platforms and tools.

Supervision and operational management of Big Data, IA / Data science, IoT and blockchains platforms and applications whatever the chosen deployments (public clouds, hosting, on premises, etc.)

Migrations and updates of the platforms. With the rise of clouds platforms we are asked to bring all or part of existing environments into public clouds. In lift and shift mode, or in later stages, Hurence will ensure this transition and if necessary its reversibility.