The LogIsland Platform

The LogIsland platform is at the heart of Hurence’s real-time analytics. It allows you to capture factory events (IIoT) but also events from your websites.

According to Hurence a factory, or more generally a company, can be understood and supervised in real time through all the events it encounters: a sales order is an event, the production of a piece by a robot is an event, the delivery of a product is an event. Everything is actually an event.

The LogIsland platform allows you to capture all these events, put them in a message bus for large volumes and analyze them in real time with plug and play analyzers ranging from simple (counting, alerts, recommendations), to the most sophisticated: artificial intelligence models for predictions and detection of anomalies or defects.

The tools of the open source platform LogIsland

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Real-time event processing  on-premise and in the cloud

Your Swiss knife for analyzing events in real time with custom analyzers for two verticals: web analytics and industry 4.0.

Web Analytics
  • Recommendations
  • Up-selling, cross-selling
  • Advanced Cart Management
  • Lead Generation
  • Predictions of stocks, sales
  • Reuse of tagging plans

Industry 4.0
  • Robot connectors
  • Connectors on OPC servers
  • Supervision of the fab
  • Smart alerting
  • Anomaly detection
  • Defect detection