Data Historian

A wonderful open source data historian, license free

Data Historian by Hurence

Hurence has developed an open source Data Historian, a Big Data solution for archiving time series of data from Iot (sensors) or IIot (Industry 4.0).

Remember: Open source archiving reduces the cost of data storage as much as possible and Big Data offers the possibility of saving a colossal amount of information.

With our Data Historian, it has never been easier to analyze stored data in real time…

Through to the use of simple search engines like ElasticSearch or SolR, it is possible to sample and analyze and compare your archived data very simply.

Endowed with a symbolic encoding capacity, the Data Historian has advanced means for a search for irregularities or similarities in graphs or visualization on requirements in particular in the Grafana tool.

Remember: Smart Alerting allows you to create an intelligent alert based on the analysis of abnormal and relevant patterns in real time.

It also has the necessary interfaces for the management of sensors and various devices according to standard protocols (OPC UA, OPC DA) as well as for real-time graphing of time series. It is also possible to add your own plugins to adapt the Data Historian to your context.

Data Historian summarized
  • Storage of chronological data in Open Source and on Big Data volumes,
  • Use of simple search engines like ElasticSearch and SolR,
  • Powerful data compaction system,
  • Sampling with automatic adaptation for the restitution of correct graphs on years of data history, millions of points, with fluidity,
  • Symbolic encoding of the data to allow fine characterization of the phenomena in the curves, the search for similarities in the past, the raising of alerts,
  • Integration with Grafana for visual analysis,
  • Annotation mechanisms.
  • A wonderful API which opens a large space for building Artificial Intelligences or advanced analytics and predictions.