LogIsland Industry 4.0

With LogIsland Jean-Pierre was able to connect all the equipment and robots of his factory; he now supervises the production in real-time and the system alerts on any anomaly. The Smart Factory 4.0 is his!

Every entrepreneur in the industry wants to be more efficient: produce more, faster and with fewer defects. But how to optimize processes when we have no data on them? And when the recipes that work are only in the brain of the oldest employees of the factory, often close to retirement?

LogIsland and its connectors with multiple industrial protocols (OPC, Modbus etc.) allow to collect all the data of the machines and robots to integrate them in an industrial data data lake. Edge Boxes with additional sensors can be deployed to send back exogenous data to the equipment, especially for old generation machines, with little instrumentation.

The collected data feeds a Big Data message bus and is analyzed in real time. Alerts based on simple thresholds or artificial intelligence models are launched as soon as anomalies or defects are detected.

The collected data has then multiple uses: reporting, detection of wear of parts, recommendations on batch priorities to limit wear, maintenance prediction, etc.