LogIsland Web Analytics

With LogIsland Web Analytics, Bertrand has the navigation data on his online business sites and he can follow the impact of an advertising campaign in real-time.

You most certainly have instrumented your websites with the solution of Google (Google Analytics) to trace the interactions of users on your pages. For those who do commerce this is valuable information that will allow you to turn these simple navigators into customers of your products.

LogIsland Web Analytics allows you to inject all these valuable events to your own infrastructure for real-time and advanced analysis. With LogIsland you can cross this data with your own internal databases (CRM data, data product repositories, CRM data, marketing campaign data, data from other sales channels, etc.).

Hurence provides you with tools for retrieving page events from your existing tagging plans, analysis and storage processors as well as tools to compute recommendations for these users, to have alerts on unsuccessful baskets and lots of other analysis that put into action will increase your turnover.