Hurence products are Big Data products that fix the issues we have faced when developing Big Data applications

Hurence has spent a decade developing Big Data applications for its customers and has encountered 3 types of problems.

Problem 1: in many cases, the performance, on extreme use cases, was not there. There is a distance between the little tutorial that works a miracle in a few clicks and a real Big Data application on a petabytes of data. The real-time LogIsland platform was born from these difficulties of scaling up.

Problem 2: our Industry 4.0 customers have often been seduced by the free versions of certain very popular tools but could not always finance the licenses for the release into production, on their data volumes. For sensor data in industry, we had to build an offer for them. The Data Historian is a great license-free solution with great possibilities for analytics and building AI models.

Problem 3: the distance between the open source technology available and the use case was often important and our developments consequent. Our clients played the game and funded real open source solutions, especially for web analytics. There are currently 2 offers for web analytics, one for online events (conferences), the other for e-commerce (webshops).

Web analytics on premises and soon in Saas for: