BI with Hive SQL

Module C4

The “BI with Hive SQL” training is designed to train analysts in the development of BI type analyzes and reports with Hadoop.

It is aimed at computer training populations with a solid knowledge of SQL.

Program BI with Hive SQL

  • The most used file formats (PARQUET, ORC, JSON, CSV etc.)
  • Data injection tools :
    • Sqoop with TP
    • Nifi with TP
    • Flume
    • Trade ETLs and their connectors
  • Scripting with Pig with TP :
    • The Pig Data Model
    • The Latin Pig language
    • UDFs with Pig
  • SQL with Hive :
    • The Hive Data Model
    • Hive SQL
    • UDFs in Hive
    • Alternatives to Hive (Spark SQL, Drill, Impala, Presto etc.)
    • JDBC drivers
  • The visualization tools of the Hadoop ecosystem

Prerequisites : Module M1 & Knowledge of SQL