Secure a Hadoop cluster

Module M16

The “Secure a Hadoop Cluster” training course aims to train engineers and IS operators to the administration of Hadoop clusters. This training is aimed at computer training populations (IT administrators) having a solid knowledge of Linux.

Program secure a Hadoop cluster

  • Connecting an LDAP server for authentication
  • Activating the Knox Gateway
  • Activating and setting up kerberos
  • Hadoop ecosystem quick reminders
  • The various tools to ensure the security of a Hadoop cluster according to the distribution (authorization and authentication mechanisms)
  • The different security levels of a Hadoop cluster
  • Securing machines (firewall, user access, disk encryption)
  • Securing HDFS Data – ACLs, Compression, Encryption
  • Securing Services – Kerberos
  • Setting up tools access proxies
  • Setting up data governance with Atlas
  • Setting up access policies with Ranger
  • Using the audit tools on data access

Prerequisites : Module M1, Module M2, Module M15 & Solid Knowledge of Linux