Real-Time Processing with Kafka

Module M5

The “Real-Time Processing with Kafka” training is designed to train developers and architects in the programming of Big Data work using the Kafka event processing platform.

This course is aimed at computer training populations (developers) with a solid knowledge of Java and at ease with Java development tools such as Eclipse or IntelliJ, Maven etc.

Real-time processing with Kafka

  • Kafka: introduction
  • Kafka’s role in the Big Data ecosystem
  • Kafka’s concepts
  • Kafka architecture – subsystems and their roles
  • Install Kafka with TP
  • Kafka tools with TP
  • The life cycle of a message post with TP
  • The lifecycle of message retrieval with TP
  • The Kafka protocol
  • Kafka Connect
  • Kafka streaming with TP
  • Logging: analyze different logs (errors, queries, controller logs)
  • Manage log compaction
  • Administer your Kafka cluster (scalability, latency diagnostics, etc.)

Prerequisites : Module M1 & Strong Knowledge of Java and Associated Development Environments