Data injection with Nifi

Module M17

Training “Data injection chains with NIFI” is a relatively recent training. Apache NiFi is an open source project of the Apache Foundation. It allows you to automatically inject data streams between different source systems to other target systems.

Apache NiFi provides the complete data flow, is fault-tolerant, scalable and has been designed to handle large volumes of data in real time.

Based on the flow-based programming paradigm, NiFi provides a web interface to build a data flow in Drag and Drop. Thus, it is possible to define, to control in real time, and in a certain way, to secure the routing of data.

Apache NiFi is compatible with Kerberos which provides authentication, with Apache Ranger which allows the security of access permissions and with Apache Knox which manages security at the authentication level and that of REST and HTTP calls.

This training is aimed at technical training populations (computer scientists, mathematicians, physicists, economists or any other field) who have had at least one development experience in any programming language.


  • Presentation of Nifi
  • Presentation of the tools
  • The data transformation
  • Access to the databases
  • The ingestion data
  • Good practices for data science projects.