The column database Cassandra

Module C11

The “column database Cassandra” training aims at training developers and architects in data storage with the Cassandra Big Data column oriented database.

It is aimed at computer training populations (developers) with a solid knowledge of Java and comfortable with Java development tools such as Eclipse or IntelliJ, Maven etc.


Day 1 : Tour Cassandra

  • The history of Cassandra
  • NoSQL databases and the need for de-standardization of data
  • The representation of data in Cassandra
  • The principles of Cassandra partitioning
  • The architecture of Cassandra :    
    • Communication of cluster nodes (gossip mode)
    • The principles of replication
    • Anti-entropy operations     
  • Installation and configuration of Cassandra in single servers and multi servers with TP
  • Cassandra Shell cqlsh and the main primitives with TP
  • The CQL in detail
  • The features of graphs in Cassandra
  • Data compaction
  • Managing your cluster

Day 2 : Cassandra Java Programming

  • The Cassandra Java API with TP
  • Interface with Spark with or without Hadoop
  • Cassandra in Spark

Prerequisites : Solid knowledge of Java and related development environments