The column database HBase

Module C7

The training “The column database HBase” aims to train developers in data storage with Hadoop’s HBase column-based database.

This training is intended for computer training populations (developers) having a solid knowledge of Java and comfortable with Java development tools like Eclipse or IntelliJ, Maven etc.


Day 1 : Tour HBase

  • Hadoop ecosystem quick reminders
  • The history of HBase
  • NoSQL databases and the need for de-standardization of data
  • The representation of data: the regions and HFiles
  • The principle of automatic partitioning
  • The HBase architecture: HBase master, server regions and zookeeper
  • The installation of HBase in single server and multi server with TP
  • The HBase Shell with the main primitives (creating tables, destroying
  • Pre-partitioning HBase tables in bulk load
  • Monitoring and management of regions

Day 2 : Programming HBase in Java

  • The Java API of HBase with TP
  • Interface with Hadoop Map Reduce with TP
  • Interface with Hadoop Spark with TP

Day 3 : SQL with HBase

  • The Phoenix driver
  • Request HBase in SQL
  • Integrate HBase with visualization tools