The document database MongoDB

Module C14

The “MongoDB Database” training aims at training developers and architects in data storage with the MongoDB document-oriented database.

This course is aimed at computer training populations (developers) with a solid knowledge of Java and at ease with Java development tools such as Eclipse or IntelliJ, Maven etc. Knowledge of SQL, Spark and Scala can also be useful.

MongoDB Program

  • The history of MongoDB
  • NoSQL databases and the need for de-standardization of data
  • The MongoDB architecture and the GridFs file system
  • The representation of the data in MongoDB
  • Installing and Configuring a MongoDB Cluster with TP
  • MongoDB tools – different connectors – different SDKs
  • The MongoDB shell
  • Create, delete and index documents in MongoDB
  • Perform aggregations with MongoDB
  • Replication and sharding in MongoDB
  • Cache management in MongoDB
  • Geolocation with MongoDB
  • Full text search with MongoDB
  • Manage a MongoDB cluster (scalability, troubleshooting, backups and restores)

Programming MongoDB in SQL, Java, Spark

  • SQL drivers for MongoDB
  • The MongoDB Java API with TP
  • Manipulate MongoDB data in MapReduce
  • Manipulate MongoDB data with Spark (Data Frames)

Prerequisites : Solid knowledge of Java and related development environments, Knowledge of SQL & Knowledge of Scala and Spark appreciated for example through C17 curriculum