The ArangoDB graph database

Module C25

The training “The ArangoDB graph database” aims to train developers and architects to store graph-type data and their route.

This course is aimed at computer training populations (developers) with a solid knowledge of Java and at ease with Java development tools such as Eclipse or IntelliJ, Maven etc.

ArangoDB program

  • The graph databases
  • The fundamentals of ArangoDB: concepts and architecture
  • Installing and Configuring ArangoDB with TP
  • ArangoDB tools
  • Manipulation of graphs with web interface with TP
  • ArangoDB cluster management (scalability, failover, security)

Program Programming ArangoDB in Java

  • The Tinkerpop API of ArangoDB with TP
  • Graph creations and traversal algorithms of these graphs
  • ArangoDB in Spark: mounting graphs in Data Frames and analyzing them

Prerequisites : Solid knowledge of Java and related development environments