The search engine ElasticSearch

Module C8

The “ElasticSearch Search Engine” course aims to train developers to develop advanced search features.

It is aimed at computer training populations (developers) with a solid knowledge of Java and comfortable with Java development tools such as Eclipse or IntelliJ, Maven etc.


  • Introduction to Elastic Search
  • Installing ElasticSearch with TP :
  • The representation of data in ElasticSearch with TP
    • The concept of document and schema
    • The notion of collection
    • Creating, updating, deleting, querying documents
    • Explore collection data
  • Cluster management :
    • scalability, failover, routing, tuning
    • Snapshots
    • monitoring / alerting
    • Security
  • Data visualization with Kibana :
    • Install Kibana
    • Discover the data with Kibana
    • Develop dashboards with Kibana
  • Search for documents :
    • Lucene language and advanced indexing
    • Search for documents and extended search functions : queries, filters, aggregations, sorting, scores, highlighting, spell-checking, suggestions, pseudo-fields, pseudo-joins, etc.
    • Geolocation with ElasticSearch
  • Tour of the Elastic Search API with TPs
  • Tour of the Elastic Search tools
  • ElasticSearch with Spark (creating and querying Spark Data Frames)

Prerequisites : Module M1, Module M2 & Solid Knowledge of Linux