The SolR search engine

Modules C9

The “SolR search engine” course is designed to train developers at implementing advanced search features using SolR.

This course is intended for computer training populations (developers) with a solid knowledge of Java and comfortable with Java development tools such as Eclipse or IntelliJ, Maven etc.


  • Introduction to SolR
  • Installation of SolR (hand-on) :
  • The representation of the data in SolR (hands-on):
    • The concept of document and schema
    • The notion of collection
  • Creation, update, deletion, querying of documents
  • Exploring data collections
  • Cluster management:
    • scalability, failover, routing, tuning
    • snapshots
    • monitoring / alerting
    • security
  • Visualization of data with Grafana (hands-on):
    • Install Grafana
    • Discover the data with Grafana
    • Develop dashboards with Grafana
  • Search for documents (hands-on):
    • Lucene language and advanced indexing
    • Search for documents and extended search functions: queries, filters, aggregations, sorting, scores, highlighting, spell-checking, suggestions, pseudo-fields, pseudo-joins etc.
    • Geolocation with SolR
  • SolR Search API Tour with TPs
  • SolR with Spark (create and query Spark Data Frames)

Pre-requisites : M1 Module, M2 Module & Solid Knowledge of Linux / Java