Big data-cloud computing, evangelism in progress

Mar 8, 2018

Slowly but surely, companies’ view of the potential of these large storage and data processing spaces is changing

Laurence Hubert, founder of the Grenoble consultancy Hurence , cites as an example a manufacturer of chocolates that uses big data “to improve its process of production, to avoid losses and to automate a number of tasks “.

“A big CAC 40, who did not necessarily need to acquire a data lake, recently said that if he did not do it, he was not in the rating,” says Laurence Hubert, founder of the Grenoble consulting firm Hurence , specializing in big data. She recalls that one of the main advantages of data lakes is also to break the silos: “They allow to collect and cross raw and less formatted data, which previously did not have the same format.”

Article LE NOUVEL ECONOMISTE - 08/03/2018
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