Hurence provider of solutions industry of the future

Nov 11, 2018
Hurence provider of solutions industry of the future
Alliance Industrie du Futur

The Industry of the Future is an issue for the competitiveness of the regional and national industrial fabric. That’s why since 2007 Hurence has been developing an open source Data Historian dedicated time series based on real-time Big Data LogIsland real-time event analysis technology. Hurence has therefore embarked on an Industry of the Future initiative and is now referenced in the national directory of providers of solutions in the field of the industry of the future .

AIF working groups have identified six levers for the deployment of the industry of the future in companies:

- connected objects and industrial internet (connected products, data exchange ...)
- advanced production technologies (new materials, robotics, eco-friendly processes ...)
- a new approach to man at work (organization, corporate social networks, collaboration ...)
- connected and piloted factories (virtualization, real-time processing, digital process engineering ...)
- Integrated customer / supplier relationships (value chain digitization, collaborative production, PLM / SLM ...)
- new economic and societal models (new business model, extended enterprise ...)

These tools are not necessarily complicated, expensive and reserved for “big”. The implementation of our Open Source solution Logisland Data Historian can for a limited investment, quickly save time for your teams and improve energy management, trigger real relevant and useful alerts for real-time production supervisors.

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