AI2019 Artificial Intelligence and the Industry of the Future

Nov 26, 2018

The next IA2019 ISA-France Forum “Artificial Intelligence and Industry of the Future” will be held in Grenoble on February 5 and 6, 2019 in partnership with the Laboratory G-SCOP of the University Grenoble-Alpes and with the support of HIMA and ORANO.

The development of communicating and intelligent sensors now allows access to finer, more diversified and much more numerous data while technologies from the information sciences (ontology, big data, deep learning …) can draw of these data flows and make artificial intelligence one of the pillars of the industry of the future.

Guillaume Lepelletier ( STMicroelectronics ) and Jérôme Arnou ( Hurence SAS ) will present: “Using a rule engine and supervised learning for automatic fault detection in an automated production line”

The aim of the ISA-France IA2019 Forum is to take stock of the techniques that are now operational, or in the process of becoming so, and to highlight the areas where these techniques can find their application, thereby contributing to the efficiency and effectiveness of to the productivity of the industry of the future.

Artificial Intelligence and the Industry of the Future The idea is not new to want to apply artificial intelligence techniques to the conduct and optimization of processes. Very quickly, the emergence and development of computer technologies has made better use of mathematical tools: “advanced” control able to model the behavior of the system and to determine the control laws adaptively, expert systems, scheduling, optimization logistics, conditional and predictive maintenance …

Finally, the industry is since 2010, according to McKinsey, the sector generating the most data, double the governments, banking institutions and communications & media, and more than four times more than the distribution.

The ISA-France IA2019 Forum, organized in partnership with the G-SCOP laboratory , will associate the university world to the industrial world. Its purpose will be to take stock of the techniques that are now operational, or in the process of becoming so, and to highlight the areas where these techniques can find their application, thus contributing to the efficiency and productivity of the technology. industry of the future.

Some of the techniques include: pattern and object recognition, scene and image analysis, inference engines, learning, massive data processing, weak signal detection and processing , blockchain, semantic interoperability, transformational agility, etc.

Applications include: operational optimization and flexibility of inter and intra-enterprise management and production processes, cooperative robotics, process control and optimization, alarm management, predictive maintenance, cybersecurity (authentication, access control, prevention and intrusion detection).

The ISA-France Forum is intended to enlighten industrial managers looking for ways to improve their facilities. Like the precedents for more than 10 years, it seeks to promote links between University and Industry.

The ISA-France seminar calls on high level speakers from the industrial world and the academic world. This is a unique opportunity to perfect your knowledge and develop your relationship space. Training agreements can be established upon request. ISA-France is a training organization registered under number 11754084175.   Registrations are open on the website ISA-France (online payment possible). Preferential rates until December 31, 2018.

Download: The program The registration form: Word , PDF

Opportunity for companies to present their products and solutions. For any information : Tel: +33 1 41 29 05 09 or +33 6 08 90 86 17

ISA, the International Society of Automation has more than 30,000 members worldwide. Its mission is to promote the techniques and advance the skills of its members in the areas of Instrumentation, Systems and Automation.

ISA-France is a corresponding 1901 law association of ISA in France. It offers its members access to an international relational network, means of training and exchanges through its publications and events. It is registered as a training organization.

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